Garage Painting in Baltimore and Harford County

Expert Drywall Finishing and Garage painting services that redefine your space with vibrant colors.

How to Get Started on Your Garage Painting Project 

Authentic Painting is your go to Expert in Baltimore and Harford County to get your Garage Drywall Finished and Painted. 
With our 30 years of experience and knowledge, We can provide the look and feel you've always wanted for your Home. Whether your garage has bare drywall and needs to be finished or if your garage is already painted and looking for a vibrant new color. We can help. 

Fill out a Contact form and We'll Schedule an in person consultation and answer any questions you have regarding the Scope of Work for your Garage Painting Project. 

We'll email an estimate with the scope of work and once you approve your project, we'll schedule a starting date 

Garage Drywall finishing and painting in Perry Hall, Kingsville, Bel Air, Fallston, Timonium, Hunt Valley, Maryland

Garage Process 

We'll get started on preparing your garage by making sure that everything is covered during the Painting process. We'll make sure that the floors, garage doors and opener are covered. Any outlet covers will be removed and outlets will be taped. If you have bare drywall, we'll start the finishing process.
If your garage was previously painted, we can start the painting process. 

Garage painting and drywall finishing in Perry Hall, Bel Air Maryland.

Priming Stage 

Once the Spackle is dried and the Drywall is finished, we can sand and Prime the Ceiling and Walls. At this point if you're undecided which paint color to choose, we recommend applying a couple paint samples. For garages, we recommend going with at least an Eggshell or Satin Finish for the Walls. 

Garage Priming ceiling and walls.

Enjoy your Beautiful Garage 

The Final stage is applying the Finish Paint to the Ceiling, Walls and Trim. 
Once we've finished the painting process, we'll make sure that everything is cleaned, outlet covers are installed and do a final walk through with You. 

Painted garage ceiling, walls and trim.